05 Dec 2017

7 Tips for Productive Study Time During the Holidays

The holiday season is a time for festivities and fun with family and friends. For many, it is also a...

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10 Nov 2017

Top 5 Things You Will Learn from AOT’s Small Business Courses

AOT’s small business courses are designed to provide a wealth of knowledge and skills that you can use in establishing...

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12 Oct 2017

Experience a New Way of Learning

Many students today are facing challenges with the traditional educational system. The higher cost of attending classroom-based institutions and the...

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13 Sep 2017

Why Study Business?

Are you aiming for a promotion or high-level management position? Want to make an impact in the workplace? Do you...

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04 Sep 2017

Advantages of Studying a Double Diploma

If you are interested in an online diploma course and cant decide which one to take up, why not do...

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01 Sep 2017

Why Study Business Administration?

Are you aiming for a promotion? Working your way to the top? Want to start your own firm? No matter...

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10 Feb 2017

2017 Online Learning Trend Forecast

The ringing in of a new year brings with it all kinds of self-assessment, particularly in terms of your career....

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22 Aug 2016

How Diplomas and Certificates Can Help Drive Your Career

"Today knowledge has power. It controls access to opportunity and advancement" - Peter Drucker (more…)

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10 Aug 2016

13 Tips to Help You Successfully Complete an Online Course in Time

You have just registered for your online course. You are excited and determined to complete it successfully and give your...

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25 Jul 2016

Why Should I Say Yes to That Certificate/Diploma Course?

"Once you stop learning, you start dying." - Albert Einstein In today's rapidly changing world, organisations in the global economy...

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11 Jul 2016

Tips to Determine the Online Course That Is Right for You

Online courses have quite a few benefits over classroom courses. From having the liberty to choose the duration of the...

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22 Jun 2016

5 Qualifications That Can Make You More Effective

"Efficiency is doing things right; effectiveness is doing the right things." - Peter Drucker Factors such as competition, colleagues, promotions...

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