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Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) and Credit Transfer

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

Recognition of prior learning is a process that recognises a student’s current skills and experience regardless of where and when the learning occurred. Applications for RPL are based on a full unit(s).

When applying for RPL, the student will need to provide evidence of their current competency in the unit. This evidence can include a combination of formal or informal training and education, work experience or general life experience.

If the student wishes to apply for RPL, he/she needs to consider if their:

  • Prior learning and experience are relevant to the course.
  • Knowledge and skills are current (we usually refer to current as being within the last 12 months).
  • Range of evidence can be provided, or demonstrated that they have the knowledge and skill.
  • Knowledge and skill are appropriate to the level of the unit or course.

Other information you may need to know

Please note that confidentiality is an extremely important part of the RPL process. It is important that sensitive information is not disclosed. You should:

  • Obtain authorisation to use evidence.
  • Remove sensitive names and figures if necessary.
  • Mark documents as confidential and state that they are not to be photocopied.

If there is confidential information that cannot be included, note this in your application and your assessor will discuss with you.


Standard fees apply, refer to AOT website or Student Administration.

How to apply

If a student believes they have the experience to apply for RPL they should:

  • Apply prior to enrolment in any program of study.
  • Look through the course guide and find the program that is right for them.
  • Notify a trainer before a commencement of a unit of study.
  • Or apply by making an appointment in your course using the Appointy Calendar.

Your assessor will discuss the details of the RPL application with you in your initial meeting. As your assessor is specialised, they will be able to really assist you with specific details.

Appeal against Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) results

A student must appeal a decision of RPL within 30 days from the result of assessment being advised by us. A student has the right to appeal against a decision made in regards to their application for RPL if:

  • That student has sufficient grounds to believe they are entitled to be granted RPL.
  • That student can provide evidence to adequately demonstrate the skills and experience required as per the learning outcomes of units of competency RPL has been applied for.

Credit transfer

If you have already obtained a unit of competency from another training provider and it is still current, you may be eligible for this unit to be transferred into your course, this is called a ‘Credit Transfer’. The credit transfer can only be applied for the same unit. To receive a credit transfer for previous units successfully completed, you must provide a copy of your previously obtained certificate, statement of attainment or statement of results. AOT will contact the issuing RTO to confirm authenticity of the certificate. You may also need to provide evidence that your knowledge and skill of the particular unit is still current (usually within 12 months). This may be achieved by submitting a resume or job description that demonstrates the current use of the skills and knowledge previously obtained.

Accelerated progression

Accelerated progression (or fast tracking) requires the completion of all designated assessment requirements for the particular unit of competency and will be negotiated between the student and their trainer. No special applications or processes are required and normal enrolment fees apply. All activities will be recorded as part of the standard operation of the class and a result processed at the completion of the assessment.

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