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Recognition of Prior Learning

Elearning - Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

What is Recognition of Prior Learning - RPL?

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is "the acknowledgement of the skills and knowledge" that you have gained through previous studies, work and life experiences. If you are granted recognition in a unit/s of competency, you do not have to re-study it.

If you already have skills in a particular field, you can apply for an RPL assessment. If RPL is granted, this will mean that you will not have to complete the course unit of competency.

AOT acknowledges that relevant knowledge and skills can be acquired through a variety of means, not just through formal education and training, we also recognise:

  • Work experience, either in Australia or overseas
  • Life experiences
  • Education, including training and qualifications attained in Australia or overseas
  • Where you can clearly demonstrate the relevance of life experiences.

What are the benefits of applying for RPL?

Because RPL provides formal recognition for your existing skills, you don't have to spend time re-learning what you already know, or demonstrate skills you can already perform. The benefits for you are:

  • You can focus your time and energy on learning new knowledge and skills.
  • Any credit given to you through the RPL process can be recognised by employers to assist with your career progression.
  • You can save time, effort and education costs.

How does RPL work?

RPL involves matching what you already know and can do to the elements and performance criteria for a competency within a particular course subject. In order to establish your claim for RPL, you will need to collect evidence; this is the most important part of the process.

How much RPL can I apply for?

This depends on your existing qualifications, skills, and work and life experience. You could apply for RPL for the entire course, although this would be extremely rare because of the content of some of the course modules.

How do I apply for RPL?

To work out if your existing skills and knowledge are relevant and could be recognised as credit towards the course you are enrolled in, you will need to:

Contact an RPL coordinator for an over the phone interview. This interview is to determine whether you have the required knowledge, skills and documentation of evidence for the RPL process. The evidence you will need to submit will be discussed during the interview.

Contact an RPL coordinator on: 1300 72 66 34

Types of evidence

When assessing the evidence you have provided, we must ensure that knowledge/and or skills described in the evidence matches the learning outcomes of the course subjects you are applying. Types of evidence can be:

  • Internal training
  • Workplace reference
  • Statement of duties
  • Work Project
  • Newspaper cuttings of achievements
  • Minutes of meeting attended or conducted
  • Documents showing organising or supervising skills.

How long does the RPL assessment process take?

You will be contacted by your RPL coordinator if the portfolio of evidence you have submitted lacks critical evidence. You will receive confirmation on your assessment within 14 days of your submission. This period may be longer during the holiday breaks and at peak enrolment times.