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16 Apr 2021

5 Myths about Online Learning

When online learning was first introduced as an alternative to traditional in-class learning, many doubted its value. But with advances...
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23 Mar 2021

Transferrable Skills for Job Success

What are transferrable skills and how can you use them for job success and career growth? There are all kinds...
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17 Feb 2021

Making the Most of Your Gap Year at Home

Are you considering taking a gap year? What is your main reason for wanting this? We all have an image...
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09 Feb 2021

Love for Learning This February

Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow." - Anthony J. D'Angelo Love is...
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20 Jan 2021

The Path to Becoming Your Own Boss: Are You Ready?

A new year, a fresh start! There's nothing like a brand new year to lift your spirit and motivation. It's...
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12 Jan 2021

Will your career take centre stage this year?

And just like that, we have wrapped up 2020. Welcome to a brand new year of fresh and exciting possibilities! Have...
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17 Dec 2020

Career Advice and Tips for the New Year

As we start and look forward to 2021, it is a good time to re-fuel with positive thoughts and motivation...
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04 Dec 2020

Merry Christmas from AOT

We know that this year has been extra tough for so many people. This holiday is a good time to...
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18 Nov 2020

Get started or re-start your career journey

Starting out, starting again or starting over? Are you looking for a career starting point after high school? Perhaps, you...
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20 Oct 2020

Finding Jobs and Adapting to the Changing Professional World

In 2020, we have seen a significant change in the jobs landscape. Almost overnight, many companies have shifted to remote...
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02 Oct 2020

2021 is in 3 months. Get a head start for the new year!

Looking back, what were the goals and plans you had set for yourself at the start of the year? What...
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28 Sep 2020

The Importance of Looking After Your Mental Health

The pandemic has changed the way we live. With the ongoing crisis, we can’t expect that things will be back...
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18 Aug 2020

Creating a Study Plan that Works for You

If you have a lot of time on your hands, studying an online course is quite manageable. But if you’re...
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06 Aug 2020

How will you spend your tax return?

Did you receive a tax return this year? How are you planning to spend it? Some people will be rushing...
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29 Jul 2020

How fast are you progressing in your career?

Some people would say that successful people have achieved success because they had privileges and money to make their dreams...
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06 Jul 2020

Re-skill or Up-skill: We’ve got you covered

With how fast technology develops, we all need to keep up and be flexible to compete in the ever-changing modern...
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19 Jun 2020

2020 Half Year Review

We’re right in the middle of the year. It’s a great time to assess how we’ve spent the past 5...
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27 May 2020

Best Courses to Make the Most of Your Time

Taking some time for learning and growth is investing in yourself and your career. It is a step towards your...
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17 Apr 2020

5 Tips to Studying Remotely

Online learning has become a cost-effective option in education today. Without the need to travel and make campus visits to...
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26 Mar 2020

No work experience? How do you stand out if you’re starting fresh?

Maybe you're fresh out of school, trying to earn while you study or looking to try something new for a...
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20 Feb 2020

Telltale signs your career is turning stagnant and tips to overcome them

Is your career turning stagnant? Here we will cover some telltale signs your career may be turning stagnant and ways...
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23 Jan 2020

Top 7 Skills to Learn in 2020

The New Year ushers in new opportunities and challenges for us to overcome. It’s a great time to set new...
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27 Dec 2019

Celebrate This Festive Season: Take a Moment to Reflect on Your Year

It's time to reflect on the past year and celebrate your victories! As we transition from one year to the...
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05 Nov 2019

6 Essential Work Skills You Can Learn at AOT

Employers often look for people who demonstrate a good set of portable skills. Having these skills will give you a career advantage.

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