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25 Mar 2022

March all the way to success

This March has been an exciting month for us at AOT. We started this year with a goal and here...
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25 Mar 2022

Re – think Your Career Goals

Do you remember the first time you tried something new, like going to the gym or starting to exercise? It...
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11 Mar 2022

Delivering training at your point of need

When you need to learn the skills that are essential in performing your job, AOT's single unit courses can meet...
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27 Jan 2022

How to Keep Resolutions by Not Making Them

The New Year is a great opportunity to restart, re-focus and make changes for the better. Looking back on the...
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15 Dec 2021

Plan for Your Professional Development During the Holidays

‘Tis the season to be jolly! Some rest, fun and spending quality time with your loved ones are what’s great...
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23 Nov 2021

Ways You Can Overcome Job Insecurity

Job insecurity has been defined as “perceived powerlessness to maintain desired continuity in a threatened job situation” (Greenhalgh and Rosenblatt,...
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19 Nov 2021

Introducing the Entrepreneurship and New Business Courses!

We have GREAT NEWS for entrepreneurs and aspiring business owners! We are delighted to introduce you to our brand new courses that will help...
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11 Oct 2021

3 Months Left in 2021

And just like that we're in the last quarter of the year. Oh how time flies and another year is...
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29 Sep 2021

Got a million dollar idea?

Launch your own business with a small business start up course
Many Australians are stuck in lockdowns or living with restrictions. Some are working from home, some are studying. Some are...
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23 Sep 2021

Why do you need professional development courses?

You may be thinking.. “Oh not another content about professional development?” Totally right but not quite. But hey, you may...
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06 Sep 2021

The NEW Leadership and Management qualifications are here!

The wait is over! We are thrilled to announce that the new and updated Leadership and Management qualifications at AOT...
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26 Aug 2021

Work Skills to Increase Your Productivity

We all have this image or idea of a person who always seem to get things done and work so...
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06 Aug 2021

Career Pathways from a Business Administration Course

Studying a business administration course can open doors for you in the corporate world. If you want to enter the...
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22 Jul 2021

The Role That E-leadership Plays in the Virtual Workplace

The pandemic has brought about significant changes in how we work and collaborate. Many companies had to transition employees to...
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12 Jul 2021

What a Diploma of Leadership and Management Can Do For Your Career

Gone are the days of getting a job and simply punching in and out for a day's worth of work....
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24 Jun 2021

What You’ll Learn from Courses in Bookkeeping

Many enter a career in finance because they enjoy working with numbers. But some people may feel intimidated when it...
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15 Jun 2021

A Way with Numbers

Financial data and information give an overall picture of a company's financial health. This is crucial to making sound business...
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20 May 2021

5 Jobs You Don’t Need a Degree For

New focus on employability skills have changed the way companies hire employees nowadays. While technical skills can be required to...
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11 May 2021

Customer Service Jobs Rank in Top Emerging Jobs in 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic caused a significant change in the global economy. With it comes a great shift in the jobs...
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16 Apr 2021

5 Myths about Online Learning

When online learning was first introduced as an alternative to traditional in-class learning, many doubted its value. But with advances...
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23 Mar 2021

Transferrable Skills for Job Success

What are transferrable skills and how can you use them for job success and career growth? There are all kinds...
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17 Feb 2021

Making the Most of Your Gap Year at Home

Are you considering taking a gap year? What is your main reason for wanting this? We all have an image...
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09 Feb 2021

Love for Learning This February

Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow." - Anthony J. D'Angelo Love is...
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20 Jan 2021

The Path to Becoming Your Own Boss: Are You Ready?

A new year, a fresh start! There's nothing like a brand new year to lift your spirit and motivation. It's...
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