2017 Online Learning Trend Forecast

2017 Online Learning Trend Forecast

The ringing in of a new year brings with it all kinds of self-assessment, particularly in terms of your career. Am I happy in my job? Where do I want to be in five years time? How can I prove I am worthy of a promotion this year?

Jacqui Conway, CEO at Accredited Online Training

The holy grail of a successful career is not always a case of climbing the corporate ladder. Horizontal career moves are becoming more desirable than ever for employees in the pursuit of finding a fulfilling career.

Jacqui Conway, CEO at Accredited Online Training, says the opportunity for job seekers to improve their career prospects in 2017 has never been better.

There are more job titles available now than ever before and that picture of success is no longer based solely on just waiting for a promotion.

People are taking their career into their own hands and getting more proactive with up-skilling themselves in areas they need improvement in, where they see their job title moving towards or even new careers all together. This drive towards self-improvement has led many people to undertake online short course learning, mostly while still working full time.

AOT predicts a strong demand for skills in human resources and project management courses as professionals attempt to be more hands on within their organisation and take on more holistic management roles.

“We offer a simulated workplace for learners where they can take a deep dive into a company’s organisational chart and read the roles and responsibilities of a particular job or department. From this we have been able to quantify what roles learners are most interested in,” Jacqui said.

The newest course to be added to AOTs offering is their first ever marketing diploma aimed at providing learners with up-to-date and relevant guidance for today’s world.

This new marketing diploma will allow learners to analyse market trends, develop their own communications, marketing and media plans with a strong focus on social media and digital marketing.

Jacqui says, “The course is an exciting first step into a new field of study for AOT. I am particularly excited to bring some real-world marketing leaders to help shape the next generation of marketing professionals.”

All of AOTs short courses are nationally recognised and have hands-on professionals currently or recently working in the fields of study as tutors.

Professionals are often curious as to what other departments or roles within their work are, but it is difficult for organisations to provide very much guidance or support in cross-skilling current employees.

If you are interested in taking the next step in your career with further learning, there are a few tips Jacqui has for getting started in 2017.

“Make a habit of taking some time to step back and analyse your current role, how you think it is changing and what you think your role will look like in five years time. Then establish what skills are needed for that job and what areas you think you need to improve on independently,” Jacqui said.

Determining what the goals are of your organisation and how your job may be changing is often a confronting but important step towards forming a professional development plan.

If online learning is something you think could help set a focus for your career in the year ahead, consider a flexible short course with AOT.

There is a wide range of nationally accredited courses that can help you take the next step in your career. Browse our courses here.