5 Jobs You Don’t Need a Degree For

New focus on employability skills have changed the way companies hire employees nowadays. While technical skills can be required to perform tasks in the workplace, it is often the soft skills that will separate an average employee from an effective one.

Employability skills or soft skills, such as communication, teamwork and problem solving, are key to standing out in a competitive job market. These are attributes that employers look for and value when they are looking to hire new staff.

Job openings are by no means exclusive to people with university degrees. While some fields like medical and engineering are highly technical, there are many jobs where soft skills are given great value and considered as an important factor in hiring a key member of a team.

Here are 5 jobs you don’t need a degree for, but some vocational education or training may be needed.

  • Responsible for assisting in sales activities such as greeting customers, answering questions, providing information, assistance, advice, and ensuring customer satisfaction.
  • Other job duties may include installing promotional displays, planning, coordinating and keeping track of stocks and inventory, and assisting in sales events.
  • Training in customer service can enhance work skills relevant to this role.

Employability skills: Interpersonal communication, listening skills, professionalism, attention to detail, teamwork, organisational skills


  • Handles various administrative support tasks such as answering phones, transferring calls, referring enquiries, welcoming visitors and giving directions or information.
  • Other job duties may include scheduling appointments, arranging couriers and coordinating activities during events or meetings.
  • Office administration and receptionist training courses can help develop the necessary skills for the job.

Employability skills: People skills, problem solving, organisational skills, communication, customer service, multi-tasking and prioritising, attention to detail, ability to work under pressure, professionalism


  • Responsible for selling products, catering to customers’ needs, providing information, explaining how a product works and to create sales leads and follow up customers.
  • Other duties may include attending to complaints, maintaining customer relations and ensuring after-sales support is provided.
  • Training in customer service can strengthen job skills in this area.

Employability skills: Active listening, emotional intelligence, confidence, communication, people skills, public speaking, initiative, networking ability, negotiation skills, strong work ethic


  • Acting as first point of contact between manager and clients with typical administrative assistant tasks such as dealing with correspondence and phone calls, organising meetings, scheduling appointments, booking and making travel arrangements, note-taking and writing minutes during meetings
  • Other duties may include running errands, answering emails, screening and directing phone calls and calendar management.
  • Training in use of business technology and computer skills are keys to performing the job effectively.

Employability skills: Written and verbal communication skills, time management, planning and organisational skills, initiative, discretion and trustworthiness in handling confidential information, administrative and computer skills, attention to detail, self-management


  • Responsible for ensuring the project is running smoothly on time and on budget, and assisting project team managers in achieving project deliverables
  • Other duties may include tracking budgets, timeline, oversee progress and coordinating schedules, resources, equipment and information.
  • Training in project management and/or leadership can help build employability skills.

Employability skills: Analytical and problem-solving skills, team management and leadership skills, organisational skills, multi-tasking, communication and interpersonal skills, negotiation skills, attention to detail, time management, teamwork, process-oriented


You don’t need a degree or experience to feel confident in applying for jobs. Know that you can always improve your employability skills to attract new job opportunities in various industries today by enrolling in an online qualification or short course.

Believe you have what it takes and build on that.

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