5 myths about online learning

5 Myths about Online Learning

When online learning was first introduced as an alternative to traditional in-class learning, many doubted its value. But with advances in technology, the quality and popularity of online education have greatly improved over the years. There are people who still continue to have misconceptions about online learning and the advantages it offers to many learners today. Here, we will tackle 5 myths about online learning.

Myth #1: Online learning is easier than in-class learning.

Online learning can be as good or even better than in-class learning.

The advantages include not having to travel, studying in the comfort of your own home and working at your own pace. You do, however, need to take more effort to plan your study time, organise your schedule, and juggle study with other aspects of your life including work and family responsibilities.

In vocational education, whether it is delivered online or face to face, it is designed to ensure you develop skills and knowledge that you can apply in the workplace. The course should not be a tick and flick or quick pass to getting a qualification. Think about whether you’re getting your money’s worth. You should expect to be challenged with a quality online course so you truly get what you paid for and gain a wealth of professional and applicable skills when you finish your course.

Myth #2: Online learning lacks interaction with others.

When some people think about online learning, they imagine a person alone staring at a computer screen all day with no social interaction at all. But online learning doesn’t have to be a lonely journey. With AOT’s online courses, you get to interact with trainers one on one during mentoring sessions in the virtual classroom. You can discuss anything from study planning to course content to obtaining more understanding or instruction on an assessment.


Myth #3: You have to be very good with computers to be able to take courses online.

Some adult learners stay away from online learning because they have this notion that it involves advance and complex technology and it would require tech-savviness to take online courses. But online learning is not just for the highly computer literate. Many e-learning platforms, including AOT’s sauceLMS, are simple and user-friendly for young and adult learners alike. As long as you have basic computer skills including emailing, navigating the internet and completing word processing tasks, you will be able to complete an online course.

Myth #4: Online learning is all just reading.

Hands-on learners may feel like online learning is a disadvantage with the misconception that it’s all just reading course materials. With AOT, online course materials are supported by a simulated workplace to allow you to experience a company environment and demonstrate your skills and knowledge as part of answering workplace-based scenario assessments. There are also links to videos as part of the content. Our virtual company can help you learn and practise your skills like you would do in an actual work environment.

Myth #5: Online learning is not accredited.

Some online courses are not accredited but many online courses are recognised and meet the quality standards of the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF). If you’re worried about accreditation, trust nationally recognised courses by RTOs like AOT. You can be reassured that you get high-quality online education that is recognised across Australia.

E-learning has made education accessible to so many more people, from people living in outback Australia to parents who are looking after their children at home. While there are still ongoing misconceptions about it, know that online education is real education with the right registered training organisation.




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