5 Qualifications That Can Make You More Effective

5 Qualifications That Can Make You More Effective

“Efficiency is doing things right; effectiveness is doing the right things.”
– Peter Drucker

Factors such as competition, colleagues, promotions and awards keep you motivated to always deliver your best performance and receive credit for what you are worth. While everybody likes to be 100% effective at work, the truth is that all of us have strengths and weaknesses that impact our effectiveness. You may have good leadership skills but there is scope for you to improve your communication skills to get things done. You may be great at your work but are in a place where you never get time to learn a new skill or industry trend. You may be very particular about deadlines but the moment your work pressure increases, you start panicking and it affects your performance.

Becoming a great professional and moulding yourself towards it with every passing day is what will truly keep you motivated. Be happy with what you’re good at but also keep considering ways to get better at other things that may be relevant to your industry. Taking a new course always helps. There are various certificate and diploma courses available in the industry today which can be comfortably taken online and can create a major difference in your career. Here are few of them:

1) Leadership and Management Courses

Being at a managerial position at a company is a privilege but it is only when your employees respect you and look up towards your ways of working that you can call yourself a great leader. A good leader is able to push others to accomplish the task given to them and helps them take ownership. A certificate course in Leadership and Management can help you learn about team planning, supervising team performance, setting goals, and developing an atmosphere that helps in team cohesion and teamwork.

2) Finance Courses

If your choice of career is related to the field of finance, there are some things you need to be very quick and adept at. A short course in finance can provide you with the skills to record and collate summaries of the financial transactions of a business. It teaches you to perform various tasks such as recording payroll data, processing payments for accounts payable, maintaining financial journal systems, preparing bank reconciliations, processing payments and following up with outstanding accounts easily. Even if you are not in the field of finance, having such basic knowledge is only going to help you in managing your finances better.

3) Business Administration Courses

Taking a course in Business Administration can provide you with the skills and knowledge required for all the routine tasks in a managerial level administrative role. If you wish to develop skills and knowledge in planning and organisational perspective of administration and want to prepare yourself for a leadership and managerial role within a company, this is a good course for you. These courses also help you develop advanced computer skills and expand your existing skills and knowledge in team-building, project management, resource allocation, and communication.

4) Project Management Courses

If becoming a project coordinator is something that you have always wanted to do, a certificate course in project management is just the right course for you. Taking this course helps you build up your confidence level to enter the competitive, challenging and dynamic market of the project management industry. This course can teach you various aspects of project management, right from brainstorming and conceptualization to the execution and close-out. It can also offer you valuable skills to set timelines, define targets, decide budgets, communicate with stakeholders as well as engage personnel to work on the project.

5) Time Management Courses

In today’s fast-paced world, time is a very important aspect for professionals working in all the fields. To make the best out of your day and improve productivity, it is important that you use your time well, plan your actions, and learn to prioritise. A course in time management can teach you how to get more out of your day by working smarter ? not harder, by using some great time-saving tips and techniques. Delegating tasks or rescheduling them according to the routine of your day and the deadline can help you free up time for yourself. Effective time management can make you more responsible and help you achieve more goals in a lesser period of time.

Aligning your tasks strategically and working towards self-improvement as well as the growth of your company is what will make you a great employee!