5 Tips to Studying Remotely

5 Tips to Studying Remotely

Online learning has become a cost-effective option in education today. Without the need to travel and make campus visits to attend classes, you can save time and money while studying within the safety and comfort of your own home.

For some, studying at home was an easy transition. While it’s different for everyone, here are some tips to help you thrive in an online learning environment.

1. Create a new routine
To stay productive and keep progressing with your online course, incorporate online study in your daily or weekly routine. You can set target study hours to spend per week or add in study time in your schedule. Commit to it and make it habit that it becomes your new normal routine.

2. Establish your study zone
What comes with online study is the challenge to stay focused. If you live with a roommate or family members especially children, distractions may be a daily thing. Have a dedicated study space away from the many possible distractions at home. Also, catching up on some study time on your bed or couch may seem like a good idea but this might result to backaches, neck pains or other muscle strains on your body. A proper study area with good ergonomics will prevent strain injuries while studying online.

3. You are not alone
Without the physical presence of trainers or classmates, studying online may seem like a lonely road ahead. But with AOT, you can talk and discuss your course topics and assessments with your trainers through one-on-one mentoring sessions. You can book as many personal training sessions as you need. You are never alone when studying online with AOT. Our trainers are ready to help and assist you.

4. Be informed and stay engaged
Being cooped up indoors for quite some time can result to “cabin fever”. Make sure you continue to be informed and stay connected with your loved ones and your community. Get news updates online, reach out to friends through chat or FaceTime and find time to stay engaged.

5. Put your health and wellbeing first
Motivation is key to succeeding in online learning. Prioritising your health and wellbeing is one way to stay positive and keep motivation flowing on a daily basis. Get some exercise and choose healthier food. Getting enough sleep and taking regular breaks will keep you refreshed and recharged. Studying remotely has its great benefits and we hope you enjoy the advantages that online learning has to offer.