6 Essential Work Skills You Can Learn at AOT

6 Essential Work Skills You Can Learn at AOT

Studying theory and concepts gives you foundational knowledge and understanding of how things work. While these are vital in your learning, the proper application of theoretical concepts in real-life scenarios makes a bigger impact on how you progress and develop as a professional.

Most employers often look for people who demonstrate a set of portable skills. When applying for jobs or considering a career change, showing you have the relevant skills to perform the job effectively gives you an advantage over your competition.

Here are just six of the many transferable skills you can learn from AOT’s career courses:

1. Communication skills

Can you communicate effectively? One of the most important and valuable skills we can develop is good communication. Employers value people with this skill; and your ability to properly understand simple to complex information and communicate these with others will help avoid potential mistakes, risks, misunderstandings and lost opportunities for the organisation. This skill is also the key to higher productivity of individuals and teams. And it is especially important if you are dealing with customers, clients and stakeholders.

2. Producing business document and reports

Companies need people with excellent computer literacy skills to design and produce quality business documents and reports. Having the required skills in creating spreadsheets, presentations, word-based documents, and project reports is always a plus.

3. Customer service

Customer service is not just about being attentive or patient with your customer. It is how you properly address them, how you can provide them a service, answer their enquiries or deal with their issues effectively. It also involves following relevant consumer laws, demonstrating proper conduct and applying best practices when dealing with customers. Knowing how to provide good customer service will make you effective in roles where you interact with clients regularly.

4. Time management

Time is a valuable resource to any company. Wasted time is money lost for a business, which is why many employers look for people who can demonstrate good time management and perform efficiently and effectively. At AOT, you can learn how to organise and complete your work schedules, how to prioritise your tasks, monitor your performance, and manage your workloads effectively to ensure you finish your work on time. You can also learn how to use tools that can help you manage your tasks efficiently. Good time management is always great skill to have that many employers value today.

5. Research and analytical skills

Many jobs today require gathering information, analysis and presenting the information to a manager. The ability to effectively research and gather data is an invaluable skill that will always come in handy.

Researching is not just about relying on Google search to get your data. Gathering information from the right sources isn’t always quite easy. You need to differentiate what’s relevant data and what isn’t, and find the reputable sources. Analysing the data and presenting it, in a manner that your audience will understand, require skill and creativity. These are just some of the essential skills you can learn from AOT’s courses.

6. Developing emotional intelligence

If you want to collaborate better with others at work and improve your workplace relationships, developing your emotional intelligence is key. This involves self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy and social skills that would help you improve your problem-solving and communication skills, create a positive workplace environment, reduce stress, increase motivation and improve work performance, so you can become a good team player and leader.

Here at AOT, we don’t want you to just memorise theories and concepts on various subject matters; we aim to help you gain the skills for actual workplace application. Our goal is to get you from zero to pro so you can be confident to start work and be effective in the workplace setting.

Find out what specific work skills you can learn through our online courses.


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