Best Courses to Make the Most of Your Time

Best Courses to Make the Most of Your Time

Taking some time for learning and growth is investing in yourself and your career. It is a step towards your future success. If you think you have the time and motivation, short courses can be an opportunity for some self-improvement or professional development. Here are some of the best online short courses to grow your skills and career.

Improve your skills in creating business documents and spreadsheets

With how fast technology changes and develops, having the right computing skills becomes necessary and will definitely help make your life easier. From producing business documents, creating tables and spreadsheets to presenting data for your reports, the essential technical skills can help you do your work efficiently and effectively, and it’s also a chance to impress your boss and colleagues.

Learn how to work smarter and use business tools like a real PRO. If you think this area is where you need to improve, check out these short courses for you:

Work health and safety becoming today’s top priority

During this ongoing health crisis, work health and safety is of utmost importance across industries. Organisations need the expertise and support of safety professionals who play a vital role in ensuring the protection of workers/employees.

If you want to make an impact and enter a career in this field, you can start developing your knowledge and skills with these short courses:

Basic WHS and Environmentally Sustainable Work Practices
Work Health and Safety Basics
WHS for Supervisors

Invest in a career in customer service

The face of every company is customer service. Experience managers or customer service representatives are key to delivering information on products and services, resolving customer complaints, and addressing customer issues and concerns.

If you think you have the people skills and love to engage with clients, you can make use of this time to build your customer service skills and develop your career in this field.

There is a wide array of career prospects for customer service professionals today. Here are AOT short courses focused on developing your customer service skills:

Learn to lead and manage teams effectively

Take this time to develop professionally to keep your career progressing. And what better way to level up your skills than a leadership course. If you’re currently in or looking to land a new leadership or management role, you can study now to gain the confidence and skills to truly make a positive impact for your teams and organisation.

Let our leadership courses take you further:


Essential work skills like effective time management, communication, and people management are always great skills to have. With our popular online short courses, you can gain more work skills to further your professional career. Enrol now!