AOT instalment payment plans

Course Payments Made Easier with Instalment Options

Enrolling in a new online course can be a big commitment. You will have to manage your time and energy while you work and handle personal responsibilities. You also need to consider how you will pay for your course.

To make course payments easier, we provide other options via instalment. This can make paying for the course more manageable for learners who are unable to pay for the whole amount upfront.

How does it work?

At AOT, we provide three payment options for learners, depending on the course selected. The ‘Buy Now’ option is paying upfront for courses under $1,500. This is a straightforward process of paying the full amount of your course.

For courses $600 and over, we provide a second payment option which is the Payment Plan. You will be charged the initial payment, and then fortnightly payments will be charged until the total payment has been made. Here’s an example of a Payment Plan:

AOT fortnightly payment plans

For all courses over $1,500, a Prepaid Fee payment option can be selected. In this option, you will be charged the first payment initially, and then automatically charged any subsequent payments according to the details specific to the course you have chosen. Here’s an example of a Prepaid Fee payment:

AOT prepaid payment plan

When choosing a payment method, simply select your course and preferred payment option, and it will show you the details of the payment. Succeeding payments are charged automatically via your credit card so you don’t need to worry about missing any pending payments.

If you need more info about AOT’s payment options, feel free to contact us at

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