Delivering training at your point of need

When you need to learn the skills that are essential in performing your job, AOT's single unit courses can meet your learning and training needs. These are short and power-packed courses you can take at any given time, providing you with skills and knowledge that you can quickly apply in executing tasks at work.

If you cannot commit to a full course but still want to gain new skills, if you're short on time or money and want to learn just what you need to perform your job effectively, you can enrol in a single unit course to fill your skills gap and give you confidence to do work tasks and meet the expectations of your organisation.

With easy-to-digest doses of learning content, the single unit courses are designed to increase engagement and promote better knowledge retention. They aim to deliver vital knowledge to whoever needs it and offers increased flexibility in your learning and professional development. This gives you the ability to enrol in courses at any time of the year, be able to meet demands of the job, and continue to grow professionally as you learn more and study more in shorter sprints of study.

If you're looking to learn specific skills, check out some of our popular single unit courses below or head on to our website to explore more courses that may fit your needs: