How Diplomas and Certificates Can Help Drive Your Career

How Diplomas and Certificates Can Help Drive Your Career

“Today knowledge has power. It controls access to opportunity and advancement” – Peter Drucker

Apart from a formal university degree, getting some added qualifications has become a must in today’s date and time. Simply because, a regular run-of-the-mill education isn’t enough to stand against the growing competition. According to the latest report by Trading Economics, “the unemployment rate in Australia is projected to trend around 6.20% in 2020”. Consequently, getting more professionally qualified seems like a sensible option to stay on top of the situation. However, it is not always possible to opt for another full-time curriculum. There could be a job to simultaneously work at or other personal commitments which may not allow a person to dedicate long hours for studies. This is where getting vocational education and training will prove to be a wise decision. Listed below are five top reasons why additional qualifications are important and how they can boost your career growth:

1. Acquire new knowledge – It’s always a good idea to stay abreast of the latest happenings in your concerned domain. You can go for some short courses to learn job-related skills. These short courses can be completed in lesser time as compared to a university degree. Having more knowledge than your peers is definitely an advantage. Thus, you not just learn something new for your own good but it also becomes a mark of your level of understanding and your intelligence for your employer. Only having a handful of credentials against your name, of course, doesn’t suffice. You need to display that aptitude. If you are genuinely equipped with more knowledge, it just makes the whole process smoother and successful.

2. Display exclusivity – Every other candidate applying for a job is going to showcase some basic qualities and qualifications. In that case, how do you cut yourself above the others? By displaying that you know something more. A list of additional qualifications on your resume definitely makes it more solid. It is one of the things which is noticed easily by the recruiters and hence, automatically gives your profile a chance to be considered. It projects you as a responsible candidate who is aware of what it takes to deliver the best and undoubtedly, that’s an added advantage. As a professional, it must be your constant strive to stay with the best in business and that would only happen if you make yourself eligible to be picked up.

3. Enhance professional abilities – As you further hone your skills and knowledge, it will help you improve your efficiency, leading to getting a set task done faster and smarter. It also implies better management skills as you are able to deal with proper utilisation of resources at hand. A qualification will specifically tune you to the certain needs of a job. Once you are aware of those, it becomes a time-saving ability as only focused efforts are generated.

4. Create prospective opportunities – For better chances of employability, one needs to have multiple skill sets. A person can have core expertise in a subject and yet, needs to have at least basic understanding of how things work in all other related departments. For this reason, qualifications in different areas come handy for a prospective job change. There are several courses which can be completed within a few months and can help you familiarise and gain some grounding of any other branch. This way, you can open up to prospective career opportunities depending on the specific market situation prevailing at that time.

5. Maintain distinctiveness – Additional qualifications apart from your regular degree project you as someone who is focused on the job. After all, which is why you opted to learn the nuances in the field, and that message is automatically conveyed to the top bosses. Rest assured, you can be considered for greater opportunities, such as a promotion since the image you project is that of one being very dedicated and wanting to know more. Any employer would be keen on promoting such a candidate for the want of increased productivity.

As you can see, the benefits of gaining more qualifications are all inter-related. Additional courses prepare you with the fine detailing required to excel. A word of caution though: ensure that your chosen courses are nationally recognised. This will lend better credibility to your resume and in turn, your employment search.