how to enchant employers during interviews

How to Have an Enchanting Job Interview

Job interviews usually rattle a lot of people – primarily because it often dictates whether they get the job position or not. So it goes without saying that preparing for one can be a very taxing experience. It becomes even more stressful if you didn’t get the job – and it’s easy to lose confidence when that happens.

This is why you must be able to “enchant” your employer to put you above the other candidates. Here are a couple of things you might want to keep in mind.

1. Prepare your resources

More than anything, being prepared should help make the interview experience less stressful. A couple of things you may want to keep in mind would be:

2. Review your resume

Assess if you may be questioned about something written in your resume. Be prepared with an answer that’s truthful but won’t, in any way, ruin your chances of being in the company.

3. References

While it’s true that it’s the employer’s job to search for people connected to you, it’s very important to take note of key characters in your professional life. Make sure that they’re briefed before your potential employers call them, just so they’ll be able to answer their questions.

4. Company or job position-related information

Do your research regarding the company you want to work for and the job position you’re applying for. Some of the questions from the interview might stem from these subjects – and it’s going to be very helpful if you know how and what to answer.

Being prepared will help you a great deal. It also shows your employer that you’re excellent at planning for things.

5. Get connected with other people in the company

Acquaint yourself with people who work in the same company and get around to connecting with them.

Connect with these people thru a professional social media platform like LinkedIn. Ask them questions about the department and the job position you’re applying for. This gives you a good feel of how the company is like and the people around it.

6. Ask a few questions yourself

When the employer gives you the chance to ask questions, don’t hesitate. This is a chance for you to get to know the company better. Ask the employer what they like about working in the company – this will also give you a sense of what it’s like working there.

Ask about how the department you’ll be working for is like, how the environment is and generally, how the company will look like in the next 5 years. Just be sure not to sound like you’re prying into the internal workings of the company, but instead appear to be inquisitive and curious.

7. Look good

Perhaps one of the most basic things to remember when going to a job interview is to make sure that you look good in a professional way. It goes without saying that how you dress reflects your personality and the way you work. Go in without combing your hair or making sure your tie is in order sends the impression that your working habits may be chaotic.

Appearance and neatness plays a big role during job interviews. If you’re not usually concerned about the way you look, being able to dress the part and look good sends the impression that you’re willing to go out of your way to land this job opportunity.

Also, make sure you wear an authentic smile when first meeting your employer for the interview. Doing this makes things more comfortable and allows for a more open conversation because smiles generally radiates openness and cheerfulness.

8. Stay engaged

The entire process does not end when the interview is over and you are already shaking the hand of the potential employer. You have to constantly follow up on your application. This sends the impression that you’re very interested with the job position and this prompts employers to put extra attention to you over others.

That’s about it for enchanting your job interviewers. What do you think makes you enchanting? What’s the best job interview tip you’ve heard? If you think this article is helpful, please Like and Share through our social buttons!