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Facing the Challenges of Leaving High School

It’s the final year of schooling and many students will be preparing to enter adult life. Whether they are embarking on the next phase of their education or jumping straight to the workforce, adjusting to this change can be stressful.

Some teens discover their desired path early on and will be ready to take on the world. Some of them may have already decided to continue studying but many may be uncertain about what they want to do after leaving school. Starting something new may be scary; and combined with internal and external pressures, a young person may feel stressed, confused and worried over what comes next.

During this transition, things may not go the way they planned, hoped or expected, leaving them upset and disappointed. Give them some time to feel upset but not too much so they can start evaluating their options. What may seem like an ending may just be a chance for a detour.

As a school leaver, how do you overcome the stress and challenges?

First, discover your strengths. In school, what subjects did you excel in? What are the good qualities you possess? To find out what areas you are good at, you can also take free online personality tests or career aptitude tests that may help you discover your potential.

It is also important to know your options and weigh the pros and cons. University is definitely not the only pathway to further education and a fulfilling career. A degree is not always vital to landing a good job. Gaining work skills and experience as soon as possible can be a great plan to get ahead. Young people who do not want to go the traditional university route may consider taking a different direction – professional training and further education.

If you’re not going to uni but still want to continue your education, you can be free to work and earn money while taking online courses. You can learn real work skills to get you job ready as soon as possible. If you study hard and put in the time, you can finish an AOT Certificate course in 12 months or less. You can also gain valuable skills that may help you decide on a career path that’s right for you or to determine future course selection.

Adjusting to change can be challenging; even positive transitions can be stressful. Being informed of your options really helps, and reminding yourself that this phase is temporary can help you build a positive mindset in this journey to adult life.

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