Finding Jobs and Adapting to the Changing Professional World

In 2020, we have seen a significant change in the jobs landscape. Almost overnight, many companies have shifted to remote working. How can we adapt to this changing landscape and new professional norms? Where do you see yourself and your career in this new climate?

As we try to adapt to the changes, certain questions may pop up. Should I learn a new skill, find a remote job or change careers? Should I develop the skills to stand out amongst potential candidates or learn something new to prepare for an entirely different role or industry? What skills should I need to have? Who’s hiring?

The key is getting insights and finding out more about the current professional climate to help you make informed decisions for your career and give you a better chance to get hired. Understanding where the current demand is can help you discover where opportunities lie so you can adjust your job search efforts and find career options that you can explore.

According to LinkedIn, here are some insights and trends into the fastest growing and in-demand jobs:


LinkedIn data shows an increase in sales and retail jobs, as well as demands for software engineers and tax associates.

If your skills are in line with these in-demand jobs, that’s great. You may have a higher chance to get hired for jobs that match your skillset.

If you’re looking to take advantage of the opportunities in these growing segments but lack the skill, knowledge or qualification, you can consider professional training or online courses to learn the relevant and necessary skills for the job.

While it may be challenging to start a career as a software engineer due to the highly technical expertise and skills required, a customer service or sales position involves soft skills such as communication, time management and people skills, which you can develop and gain in a few months or so through online training.

Here are some AOT online courses for customer service and sales jobs:

Delivering Customer Service  3 months
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1 unit $140
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Sales Assistant 3 months
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2 units $280
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Customer Service Strategies 3 months
course access
1 unit $210
(prepaid fee)
Customer Service Solutions  3 months
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2 units $420
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It may be challenging times right now but some flexibility, research and a positive mindset can help you better navigate your career through this new professional landscape and still be able to grow yourself professionally.