Got a million dollar idea?

Launch your own business with a small business start up course

Many Australians are stuck in lockdowns or living with restrictions. Some are working from home, some are studying. Some are taking this opportunity to build and launch their own new small business. From a viral exfoliating glove, an eco-friendly cleaning product to personalised gift boxes, these business ideas have seen huge success during the pandemic.

Sydney’s CheekyGlo make $1M in 11 months with exfoliating glove
The best friends of eight years decided to recreate the traditional product and go into business together.

Aussies make $200k from cleaning product
Two Queenslanders poured their life savings into a risky idea mid-pandemic, but it’s now paying off.

Melbourne mates make $100k from lockdown gift box side hustle
These Melbourne twenty-somethings have made an extra $100,000 while also studying and working full-time on top of that.

If you've got that promising idea that's full of potential for success but you don't have the know-how on starting a new small business, AOT’s small business startup courses can give you solid background so you can start on the right track. We have a full Certificate qualification for new small business or you can start small with the following courses:

Maybe you could be the next business owner gaining success out of this lockdown. We hope you find the motivation to start your great business idea from home. Good luck!

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