how fast are you progressing in your career?

How fast are you progressing in your career?

secret sauce to sucessSome people would say that successful people have achieved success because they had privileges and money to make their dreams come true. Others would say that successful people are born with the intelligence and abilities that they used to accomplish so much.

While each of us have our own unique journey, challenges, resources, set of talents and personality, more than that, success involves having the drive, motivation and the positive mindset to reach your goals and move your career forward.

What is career velocity?

Velocity in physics is defined as the speed of an object in a given direction. We can look at career velocity in a similar way. How fast is your career progressing and in what direction are you headed? More than just accelerating your professional development efforts, career velocity is also moving in the right direction to growth. It is important to know where you want to go and take proactive steps that will take you closer to your destination.

When it comes to careers, some may have been misdirected, have taken turns, changed their direction and transitioned. Others may have been stuck midway through the journey or taken a break for a while. Often it is not a one-way straight path from start to finish. Wherever you are in your career right now, the key to career velocity is developing continuously. The skills you will gain and learn will power you through the path to success.

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