Tips for online learners

How to Best Study an Online Course

Millions of people are enjoying the benefits of online learning. You can study anywhere, anytime and don’t need to travel to attend classes. There’s no fixed schedule and you can study at your own pace. For adult learners with hectic work schedules and personal responsibilities, online learning allows them to continue their education without taking time off work.

While online study has its great perks, this kind of self-directed learning has its challenges too. It is quite easy to enrol in a course you like but once you’re in, that’s when the real work starts and that’s when the challenge begins. To make the most of your online course, we hope these essential tips will be helpful:

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Choose your course wisely

Learning is more worthwhile when you have genuine interest in the subject matter.

It’s easy to lose your attention on your course material when you don’t find it interesting. Your motivation can even run low when this happens. If you don’t find value in the course, it will be more challenging to devote time on studying. So always choose your course wisely and enrol in a course that you are interested in to make the whole learning process easier.

Create a study plan

 Before signing up for a course, know if you have enough time to devote to it. With an online course, you have full control over the time you spend on studying. Don’t just study when you feel like it or you’ll likely end up not finishing your course on time.

Treat online study like an imaginary classroom with an instructor that you have to meet on a regular basis. Schedule study time in your calendar and stick to it. It can be set around your schedule. This will allow you to still fulfil your work and other obligations. It’s a matter of creating a plan that works for you.

Learn the basics and how-to’s first

 Before you begin, first learn how to navigate your online course and utilise all the essential tools provided. At AOT, we have created a course induction, which you can view and access anytime and as many times as you wish. This course induction will guide you around your online course and introduce the sauceLMS features. It will show you how to access your course content, complete an assessment, access the simulated workplace and allow you to start your learning experience with confidence.

Expand your knowledge beyond your course material

 Hours of studying can take a toll on you. Get a break from studying your course material by watching videos and tutorials on the web that are related to the particular subject you’re studying.

In AOT’s courses, we often provide links to related articles and videos for further learning. These are good sources of more knowledge and ideas and we encourage using them to help you better understand the topics in your online course.

Self-motivation is key to reaching the finish line

 Procrastination can easily kick in and you may lose motivation halfway through your course. Lack of motivation is one of the reasons why learners fail to complete their online course. Because unlike a classroom setup, you are not pressured to show up and be present in an online course. So it really takes self-discipline and personal motivation to keep learning.

Write down your goals at the start of your online course and place it where you can easily see it when studying. Go back and look at these goals when you feel stuck, frustrated or tired to help remind you of the reasons why you started and motivate you to continue your efforts. Reward yourself when you achieve each goal.

Never be afraid to ask for help

If you struggle with the course materials and need clarification, you can always get help. Book an appointment with your trainer or use live chat to get answers to your questions. If you need help with a study plan or need motivation to get you through your course, reach out to any of our learner support officers and trainers. We love hearing from our students!

Some people love the freedom and flexibility of online learning while others prefer a classroom or face-to-face learning. Everyone has their own learning style that suits their personality and learning needs. If online learning is for you, keep in mind these 6 tips that can help you study at your best.

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