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New Year: Evaluate your Career Path

Our careers are very big and important parts of our lives and we need to give it the same attention and reflection as we do with other things. No matter where you are in your career or if you haven’t started yet, it’s helpful to look back on the past year and make an honest evaluation.

Ask yourself the following questions:

career questions

While it’s good to set career goals at the start of the year, it is even better to set a clear destination – where you want to be in the next 5 years. Determine where you are in your career right now and where you want to be as your destination.

Here’s an example:

From a follower who contributes to a small team through technical expertise and creative ideas.
To a project leader who organises team projects and helps individual team members to perform at their best to achieve business results.

When you have set your from/to destination, you will have an idea on what skills you need to learn, what experiences you need to try, and what initiatives you have to make to move closer towards your goals.

Instead of going through each year passively by letting your career run its natural course, taking some time to evaluate your career path helps you take active steps to grow your career faster. By doing this, your future self will definitely thank you for your great efforts.

Start the New Year strong so you can enjoy a great year ahead. We wish you the best! Good luck!

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