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No work experience? How do you stand out if you’re starting fresh?

Maybe you’re fresh out of school, trying to earn while you study or looking to try something new for a career change. If you’re a job seeker without work experience, trying to get a job can be challenge. While it is simple to say in your job application that you’re eager to learn and willing to be trained, it doesn’t help you stand out among others vying for the position.Focus on what you have
Experience is important but your character, attitude, motivation, ideas, and work ethics are important factors that can show if you can perform the job well. You can focus on your positive qualities and highlight your soft skills. Soft skills are not knowledge-specific skills that you need for the job. Examples of soft skills are communication skills, listening skills, time management, and people skills, among others.

Do voluntary work or internship
To gain the experience you need to land jobs, try to do voluntary work or apply for an internship. Working for cheap or for free to get work experience and new skills – think of it as an investment. A few months or more of voluntary work can count as work experience in your resume. Internships may also lead to getting a full-time position or open up other opportunities for you to advance your career.

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Enrol in a career short course or qualification
Further education can add points to your resume. Earning a qualification or completing a short course related to the career or job you are seeking shows commitment and dedication to your professional development. Hiring companies will see this as a sign that you’re motivated and up for the challenge. Remember, it may be challenging to get a job without experience, but it can be done with the right mindset, confidence and motivation.