Is online learning suitable for you?

Is Online Learning suitable for you?

Why study an online course? Why choose online learning? While traditional classroom-based education is the standard system, changing needs and innovation have paved the way for online education. Non-traditional learners from varying backgrounds are looking for innovative and practical ways to gain access to knowledge and training.

High school graduates

For those who do not want to go straight to university but still want to continue their education, online courses offer a solution. Not only can you be free to work and earn money while learning, but you can learn valuable skills that may help you to decide on a career path that’s right for you.

The currently unemployed

There is tough competition in today’s job market. Having a nationally recognised qualification will show employers that you are trained, self-motivated and ready and eager to join the workforce. The real-world skills you learn can lead to greater career options and increase your employment potential.

Learners in remote locations

Australia is a massive country. Whether you are working on a ship at sea or working on a station in the outback, your geographical location is no longer a barrier to accessing education. Online courses are ideal for learners in remote locations, have restricted mobility and those who travel often. As long as internet access is available, your learning opportunities are endless.

Parents returning to the workforce

Returning to the workforce after raising children can be a daunting prospect. For that competitive edge, it is good to equip yourself with up-to-date skills, knowledge and qualifications. You can study online in the comfort of your own home, and the beauty of self-paced learning is that you can fit your studies in around the family schedule.


Working professionals need to learn new skills as well. With how fast technology and industries grow, what you learned years ago may be outdated and ineffective today. There are new ways of doing things and new systems being utilised and being on the top of your game is key to career advancement and makes you a viable candidate for promotions.


Many companies today see the huge benefits of a well-trained and skilled staff. Online training courses do not only promote professional growth but the practical aspects and learning can be directly and immediately applied by the staff to the workplace, which can greatly benefit a company’s work efficiency and performance.