telltale signs your career is turning stagnant and tips to overcome them

Telltale signs your career is turning stagnant and tips to overcome them

Is your career turning stagnant?

Here we will cover some telltale signs your career may be turning stagnant and ways you can overcome them.

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Work feels repetitive and monotonous

Your first year at your new job may be full of excitement and challenges. Learning new things and applying them to your work sound great. And overcoming challenges and difficult tasks can give a sense of fulfilment and joy. But a couple of years in, work may become repetitive and monotonous. The same projects day in and day out can leave you feel bored and unexcited. We all may have felt this happen at some point in our careers.

Ask yourself if you’ve settled into your comfort zone for too long. It is far easier and convenient to take on tasks and projects you already know and have done before. But when you’re not fairly challenged or not learning new stuff for a while now, then your career may turn stagnant.

Try to volunteer on projects that are new to you or initiate new ideas that you can suggest to your superiors. This can open up more opportunities for you to try things differently and develop your potential and skills in other areas.

Less input on projects

If you find yourself sitting through meetings with less input on projects or lacking ideas to share, it might be time for you take on a more proactive mindset. Make yourself relevant in the workplace by developing new skills and learning more about the business, strategies and operations of your organisation so you can contribute more to the team. Read up on current topics relevant to your work and industry, find out more about competitors and discover best practices that you can find useful in your work and professional development.

Dreading the Mondays?

Most people can relate to the Sunday night blues, of dreading the start of the work week. We all feel it at times. But there’s a difference between being sad that the weekend is over and from feeling anxious about going to work the next day. If you hate Mondays a little too much, you should ask yourself why you no longer find enjoyment in your work.

Maybe it’s time for career change or you may need a new sense of drive and motivation that will help you look forward to starting your week at work. Exercising on Monday morning before you go to work can help you feel energised. Scheduling a nice lunch date with a friend, colleague or loved one may also help you look forward to Mondays, or perhaps you can reward yourself with something special if you have a productive start of the week.

Getting passed on for a promotion

It’s tough to miss out on a promotion. Rejection, frustration, disappointment, and the lack of motivation and purpose can make you feel like your career is going nowhere. Comparing yourself to others who seem to be progressing in their careers doesn’t help either.

Remember that careers have their ups and downs. It’s not always a straight line from start to finish. You can take the rejection as a challenge to develop your skills and experience even more. Don’t be afraid to ask your boss or colleagues for honest feedback on your performance so you can find out what areas you can improve on and what other skills you need to develop.

Getting a qualification can also help boost your chances for a promotion and it shows you are committed and driven to improve yourself and contribute to the organisation.

The promotion may have passed but believe that there will be more opportunities for you in the future if you take on a more active role in your professional development.

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