The Importance of Looking After Your Mental Health

The Importance of Looking After Your Mental Health

The pandemic has changed the way we live. With the ongoing crisis, we can’t expect that things will be back to normal for a while. People are struggling with the changes – some have lost their jobs, reduced worked hours and wages, while others may have closed down their business during this time.

Many people have shifted to working from home. Some are living in isolation; and without friends and family to meet on a regularly basis, it can be harder to stay connected and keep on top of how we’re feeling. With travel restrictions and less access to leisure activities, we can’t enjoy many of the fun things we used to that helped reduce the stress of daily life.

Some people don’t do well with change. We’re all adjusting to the changes, but it can feel unfamiliar and uncomfortable. These days, finding purpose and motivation can be more challenging. The uncertainty of the future can also bring a great deal of stress and anxiety to many of us, which is why looking after our mental health is even more important now.

Staying active physically is one step towards caring for your mental health. Exercising at home can help reduce the risk of health conditions, reduce your stress and anxiety, and improve your sleep. You can find many videos on YouTube with trainer-guided exercises from cardio circuits to yoga. Also, eating healthier and having a good daily routine can contribute to better energy and mood.

Staying busy and active mentally can also keep you from worrying about your problems and thinking about things you can’t control. Trying out new hobbies, reading more and learning new skills can help you stay productive and find a new sense of purpose.

If there’s anything you’ve been meaning to do but have not gotten around to starting, maybe now is a good opportunity to make it happen. Maybe it’s time to stop bingeing shows on Netflix and develop your start up idea for a small business; or maybe you’ve been meaning to study an online course to learn new skills for the jobs you want.

Cultivating new knowledge and skills can also give you more advantage in getting jobs in areas that are needed today and will be most needed in the post-pandemic economy. Gaining new skills can open new job opportunities that you might not have thought about before, and now seems like a possible pathway for your career.

Accomplishing something can bring an overall sense of satisfaction and boost of motivation. So if you’ve got the extra time, use it well.

It’s been a tough year for many of us but we hope you are healthy and staying productive. However small or big your efforts are, you’re doing great! Keep it up and don’t give up!