Top 5 Things You Will Learn from AOT’s Small Business Courses

Top 5 Things You Will Learn from AOT’s Small Business Courses

AOT’s small business courses are designed to provide a wealth of knowledge and skills that you can use in establishing or running your startup. Below, we have rounded up the top five things that you will benefit and learn from AOT’s courses in small business.

1. Building and cultivating business relationships

Smart entrepreneurs and professionals understand the value of quality network relationships. They understand that this will enhance their resource pool and offer more opportunities to promote their business, products and services to the market. A person with a strong business network can benefit from the vast array of experiences and information that exists within their networks to further their business goals.

At AOT, the certificate course in small business provides the tools and skills that will help you seek out the right people, develop a strong network of personal contacts, and nurture business relationships. What you will learn will help you establish your new networks and maintain or improve your current business relationships.

2. Developing a business and financial plan

When a great business idea comes a long, it often fills people with positivity, excitement and motivation. But when the terms, ‘business plan’ and ‘financial plan’ are mentioned, many find it suddenly daunting. A business plan lays out the groundwork of your startup business. It is the actual ‘let’s get down to business’ that follows after deciding you want to bring a business idea to life. Yes, it is quite daunting but with the skills and knowledge, the planning process will be more manageable and you will gain more confidence as you begin to take the steps to set up your small business.

AOT’s small business courses aim to provide you with the knowledge and skills to develop and organise a business plan, define your objectives and strategies, the way you will operate your small business, and the steps in setting it up. Good business planning will ensure that you have the necessary systems and financial provisions in place to overcome foreseeable risks and threats, and seize market opportunities as they arise.

3. Ensuring compliance and establishing all necessary business requirements

Every small business must take a proactive and systematic approach to legislative compliance and risk management. Small business owners must also ensure their legal rights and responsibilities are identified and adhered to. With AOT’s small business courses, you will be introduced to the different legal structures, which you may set up for your small business. You will gain knowledge of business registration, government legislative requirements, licences and permits to operate your business; and you will also learn to develop and implement policies and procedures in accordance with legislation, among others.

4. Monitoring and managing small business operations

To achieve your long-term vision and goals for your business, you need to manage and monitor the day-to-day operations effectively and efficiently. This will require not just the dedication, hard work, and management know-how but also the skills and knowledge to develop operational strategies, action plans, systems and processes that will make your small business profitable.

The BSB42615 Certificate IV in New Small Business will help you develop strategies and procedures to effectively manage business operations. You will gain knowledge on methods for monitoring performance and implementing improvements to enhance your small business operations.

5. Creating marketing activities in line with your business goals

Effective marketing performance inevitably leads to successful outcomes for small business owners. AOT’s small business courses will cover the skills and knowledge required to understand the marketing environment, develop strategies, implement marketing activities, and monitoring and reviewing the marketing performance. Learning the fundamentals will help you create sound promotional activities for your small business.



These five things and more that you can learn from AOT’s small business courses will set you on the right track in setting up your new small business or running your existing one. We offer the learning opportunity and the skills you need to grow, the rest is up to you!

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