Top 7 Skills to Learn in 2020

Top 7 Skills to Learn in 2020

The New Year ushers in new opportunities and challenges for us to overcome. It’s a great time to set new career goals or re-focus our efforts on achieving the goals that we have set before but have not prioritised in the past year.

“Invest in yourself. Your career is the engine of your wealth.”
– Paul Clitheroe

skills to learn in 2020

1. Communication
Update your skills and learn how to effectively convey and receive messages via phone, email, and social networks. No matter what industry you are in or whichever career path you want to take, having the essential communication skills will help you land jobs, get promotions and be a success in the workplace. Communication skills are key in being effective in today’s modern digital age.

2. Leadership
2020 can be the year you take on a bigger role as leader and manager. If you think you are ready for the challenge and want to make an impact, having the leadership skills will help you perform a bigger role with confidence and purpose.

3. Project management
More and more organisations today are discovering the value of project management and are seeking competent and qualified project managers that have that knowledge and practical skills to increase team efficiency, improve client and stakeholder satisfaction, lower costs and deliver business results. Having the project management skills can open up more career opportunities for you this year.

4. People management
Companies look for managers who have strong people management skills to engage and empower employees. Effective people management can improve staff performance, increase productivity and contribute to overall business success. If want to develop good people skills, you can do so through Human Resources qualifications or online training courses at AOT.

5. Use of business technology
In this modern digital age, new technologies and processes continue to develop and emerge. Business applications and means of communication are constantly used in the workplace and having the skills and knowledge of tools of the trade is key to your productivity. Find time to update yourself of new technologies so you can use these tools to your advantage and growth.

6. Small business start up
Planning to start your own business this year? Taking this big step can be a real challenge but having solid understanding of how to start a business can give you more confidence and help you avoid the risks involved in this endeavour. You don’t have to go in blind with your small business venture. There are online training courses that can help you achieve business success.

7. Emotional intelligence
Recently, emotional intelligence has become quite the buzzword in the field of Human Resources. Emotional intelligence is the ability to manage your emotions. This involves skills in self-regulation, self-awareness, empathy, motivation and social skills. When applied effectively in the work environment, it helps you develop healthy interpersonal and workplace relations. This is valued greatly in leaders, HR professionals, managers and staff alike. Developing your emotional intelligence can bring you success in your career and life as a whole.

We hope that 2020 will be a brilliant year for you! Good luck!