career orientation

What Is Your Career Orientation?

A career is not just a job, a position or a series of jobs you’ve taken or plan to take. It has to have growth and sense of direction. To help you plan your career, take a closer look into your values, skills, talents and motivations. These have an impact in your career decision-making – what course to study, what jobs to take, what field or industry to enter.

Know the value of understanding yourself, your motives and goals. To help you realise the right career fit, here are five career orientations with different motivational needs that tend to change over time, depending on one’s life circumstances.

5 career orientations infographic

There are many factors that affect our career orientations. Even the most highly ambitious professional looking to get the promotions and challenging work might prefer balance and security in the midst of a family crisis. Circumstances change over time and your motivations might also differ. It is a matter of finding the right fit for you and knowing which jobs, projects and endeavours to pursue. Use this as a tool for career planning.

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