Why choose a short course?

Why choose a short course?

Enrolling in a Certificate or Diploma course takes commitment and discipline. It is great if you can dedicate the time to complete a full qualification and invest in your education and professional development. We understand that not everyone can take up a full qualification, as it requires a higher level of commitment.

If you don’t currently have the budget for a full qualification or don’t want to start one just yet, a short course may just be right for you, as it allows you to gain a specific skillset and try online learning if you haven’t already.

The benefits you get from a short course

Because it is a short course, you don’t have to spend as many months studying, which is ideal for those who are time-poor and need to upskill immediately for a current job or new position.

With AOT’s wide selection of courses from varied areas of study, you can select a course that covers the particular subject that you want to learn. You can gain new skills in a specific area like accounting and bookkeeping, small business start up, junior PA, customer service, work health and safety, office administration and more. We have more than 50 accredited short courses you can choose from. You can learn what you need and select the course that supports your learning and professional needs.

The value of a nationally recognised course

AOT is a nationally recognised training organisation, which means our courses are recognised Australia-wide. The short courses are also a pathway to a full qualification. On completion of your course, some or all of the units can be used to credit transfer to a full qualification.

For example, you have just completed our Office Administration short course. The four units of this course are actually four of the ten units that make up the BSB40515 Certificate IV in Business Administration. This means that you are almost halfway through completing a full Certificate IV qualification! In the future when you enrol in the Certificate IV qualification, you will not have to study the same units again but only the units you have not yet studied.

In a way, it’s like building learning and skills as you go along. Short courses can be your starting point and whenever you’re ready for more learning, you can either take on the full qualification or another short course relevant to your job and career goals.

Here at AOT, we are continuously improving our courses and developing more so you can have greater options to explore to advance your learning and career!

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