Why do you need professional development courses?

You may be thinking.. “Oh not another content about professional development?”

Totally right but not quite. But hey, you may already know that professional development can help you progress your career. We all know we need skills so we can get hired for jobs, get promoted or to become better and more effective in the job we have right now.

Maybe it’s just a matter of when. When do I have time or when am I ready to put in the work and grow myself professionally? Just don’t forget that the longer it takes for you to decide could mean the longer it may take for you to achieve your end goal. If you want to make things happen, small steps everyday can lead you to where you want to be and what you can be.

It’s really up to you to decide. You may already know if you have skills gap that needs addressing; if you need training to become better in some areas; if you think you could be in a better position in the company you’re currently working in; if you need the knowledge and skills to impress a company you want to be hired in; or if you have been in a stagnant role for a while now and need change and a challenge.

Professional development can open possibilities and create options for you, but we do understand the hesitation that comes with enrolling in an online course. Not all of us have the time and budget to spend on professional development, especially with a Certificate or Diploma course that could take many months of study.

If you’re not ready for a full qualification or are still undecided if online study is for you, you should start small with a short course.

With over 50 short courses in various topics, you can choose from a wide range of courses to fulfill your professional development needs and gain the skills you need for work. If you need to upskill, you can enrol and start your online course anytime.

This allows you to gain specific skills and knowledge in shorter time periods and provide yourself with the development that you need to continue advancing professionally.

If you’re not sure what course to study, you are free to explore various areas of study from Administration, Leadership and Management, Human Resources to Bookkeeping, Finance, Small Business, Project Management, and more. With a short course, you can explore a particular career possibility and see whether it is something that you may want to pursue further into the future.

Our short courses are made up of nationally recognised units of competency. Successful completion of an AOT short course will earn you a Statement of Attainment in partial completion of a Certificate or Diploma qualification. It can be a pathway to a full qualification if that’s something you want to do in the future.

Whether you want to start now, later or still want to think it over, AOT is just here, ready whenever you're ready. We hope to see you soon!

Top Short Courses

Here are some of the popular short courses that many of our learners have chosen. Feel free to browse more course options here on our website.

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