Why Study Business Administration

Why Study Business Administration?

Are you aiming for a promotion? Working your way to the top? Want to start your own firm? No matter what your career goals are, at Accredited Online Training we help you to realise the possibilities with our range of nationally recognised business administration courses.

We provide the business concepts required to further your education. Study today and acquire the knowledge, skills and concepts that you can apply in today’s workplace.

Wide Applicability
Skilled administrators are always in demand. Administration applies to all fields including finance, accounting, banking, retail, human resources, operations, and more. This course will assist you by giving you the advantage of exploring various roles in any industry.

Flexible for Adult Learners
While working, you can enhance your skills and strengthen your resume and earning potential with a qualification in business administration. With our self-paced learning model, you can fit your study time around your work schedule.

Rewarding Career
Every organisation requires good administration to succeed in today’s competitive business world. Finance, accounting and international business have particularly high entry-level median incomes. Build your skills today for a rewarding career in the future.

AOT’s Accredited Business Administration courses include:
BSB30415 Certificate III in Business Administration
BSB40515 Certificate IV in Business Administration
BSB50415 Diploma of Business Administration
BSB50415 Diploma of Business Administration & BSB50215 Diploma of Business
BSB50615 Diploma of Human Resources Management & BSB50415 Diploma of Business Administration
BSB50415 Diploma of Business Administration & BSB51915 Diploma of Leadership and Management
Office Administration Short Course
Personal Assistant Short Course