career start this year

Will your career take centre stage this year?

And just like that, we have wrapped up 2020. Welcome to a brand new year of fresh and exciting possibilities!

Have you thought about what you would like to achieve this year? Right now is a great time to think about your goals and what steps you need to take to achieve them.

If you have been thinking of ways to further your career, don’t let it take the backseat, get into action now. Let this year BE THE YEAR that you’ll make things happen for your career and yourself.

Did you know that education is also a form of self-care? Investing in your learning can bring big returns for your career and life.

Study an online course with AOT and make your career take flight this 2021! Check our course listing to find the course that fits right to your career goals.

Free study tools to get you on the right track

2021 AOT Planner
Your very own digital and printable 2021 planner and calendar to plan a great year ahead.
Weekly Study Timetable
The key to finishing your online course is to manage your time well. Use AOT’s study timetable to plan your schedule and keep track of your study hours.

Studying with AOT

Benefits of Online Learning
How can online learning work for you? Find out the advantages of studying an online course and how studying with AOT can help you further your career within the comforts of your own home.


Simulated Workplace
What sets AOT apart from other RTOs is our very own simulated workplace that brings your course to life. Learn and practise your skills through AOT’s virtual company.


Recognition of Prior Learning
Did you know that your work experience, past study, as well as results from formal or informal training can now count towards your qualification? At AOT, you can apply for RPL to reduce the study time needed to obtain a qualification.


Find your course of interest

Over 70 courses on various subjects and fields of interest, from Certificate and Diploma qualifications to accredited short courses and single units. Choose the area of study you want to excel in and find the course that aligns with your career path.

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