30 Nov 2018

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Another year is nearly over. To celebrate the festive season, we have a gift for everyone who enrols in a...
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13 Nov 2018

Course Payments Made Easier with Instalment Options

Enrolling in a new online course can be a big commitment. You will have to manage your time and energy...
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02 Oct 2018

The Benefits of a Learner Centred Approach in eLearning

With the introduction of computers and the Internet in the late 1990s, we see how technologies have been utilised for...
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14 Sep 2018

Celebrating Adult Learners!

In September, we celebrate Adult Learners’ Week. “If you’re not willing to learn, no on can help you. If you’re...
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11 Jul 2018

Why choose a short course?

Enrolling in a Certificate or Diploma course takes commitment and discipline. It is great if you can dedicate the time...
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13 Jun 2018

Self-education tax deductions: Are you eligible?

Continuous learning is a key to professional development, and studying an online course helps you build on skills and knowledge...
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05 Jun 2018

End of Financial Year Sale

Get 5% off on all Certificate qualifications this month when you choose ‘buy now’ option* See terms and conditions for details.

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13 Apr 2018

Study Tips to Help Reduce Your Stress Levels

We all feel stress from time to time. You may feel that there may not be enough hours in a...
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15 Mar 2018

Follow Your Dream

If you’re not sure what course to study, you may explore multiple study areas to realise your full potential and...
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08 Feb 2018

Is Online Learning suitable for you?

Why study an online course? Why choose online learning? While traditional classroom-based education is the standard system, changing needs and...
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16 Jan 2018

Happy New Year Sale

Receive 10% discount on all buy now* course options

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16 Jan 2018

8 Ways to Kickstart Your 2018

The new year is always a good opportunity for a fresh start. It’s a time to look back on what...
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05 Dec 2017

7 Tips for Productive Study Time During the Holidays

The holiday season is a time for festivities and fun with family and friends. For many, it is also a...
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10 Nov 2017

Top 5 Things You Will Learn from AOT’s Small Business Courses

AOT’s small business courses are designed to provide a wealth of knowledge and skills that you can use in establishing...
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12 Oct 2017

Experience a New Way of Learning

Many learners today are facing challenges with the traditional educational system. The higher cost of attending classroom-based institutions and the...
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13 Sep 2017

Why Study Business?

Are you aiming for a promotion or high-level management position? Want to make an impact in the workplace? Do you...
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04 Sep 2017

Advantages of Studying a Double Diploma

A double diploma enables you to study two subject areas in more depth, increasing your knowledge base and effectively doubling your skill set.

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01 Sep 2017

Why Study Business Administration?

Ever consider a career in business administration? Here are reasons why studying business administration online is a good stepping stone for your career.

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10 Feb 2017

2017 Online Learning Trend Forecast

The ringing in of a new year brings with it all kinds of self-assessment, particularly in terms of your career....
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22 Aug 2016

How Diplomas and Certificates Can Help Drive Your Career

5 top reasons why additional qualifications are important and how they can boost your career growth

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10 Aug 2016

13 Tips to Help You Successfully Complete an Online Course in Time

An online course demands a higher level of personal commitment. Here are tips to help make sure that your course is completed in time.

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25 Jul 2016

Why Should I Say Yes to That Certificate/Diploma Course?

Find out what benefits a diploma or certificate course can provide you in your pursuit for learning and career advancement.

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11 Jul 2016

Tips to Determine the Online Course That Is Right for You

Choosing the right course will lead you to the profession that is right for you. Here are some pointers to help you in your decision making.

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22 Jun 2016

5 Qualifications That Can Make You More Effective

Efficiency is doing things right; effectiveness is doing the right things. ? Peter Drucker

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