Course Levels

Qualification Levels

At AOT, we have a comprehensive range of courses you can select from:

  • Single units: These are single units of competency. You may choose to compete a single unit to gain the skills and knowledge on a specific subject.
  • Short courses: These are usually 1-4 units of competency bundled together. They are considered a stepping-stone to a full qualification. Each of our short courses has been developed so that if you choose to complete a full qualification in the future, you will have already completed a component of it.
  • Qualifications: We offer a number of qualifications in various fields designed for personal and organisation based training, personal development and more. Our qualifications are nationally recognised, which means that they are accepted by employers and governing bodies in any State or Territory in Australia.
  • Double Diplomas: We have packaged our Diplomas together in twos so that you can achieve 2 qualifications without the need to obtain separate diplomas. This saves you time and money while broadening your field of opportunity.

Certificate II Courses

Gain the basic vocational skills and knowledge to explore an area of study or as a pathway for further learning.

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Certificate III Courses

Learn how to demonstrate and apply broad range of knowledge and skills in varied contexts to undertake skilled work or as a pathway for further learning.

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Certificate IV Courses

Build higher-level skills and theoretical knowledge to advance your career and be qualified for supervisory and management positions.

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Diploma Courses

If you are a manager or on a career path to become one, credibility comes with a diploma qualification. This will provide you with greater depth of knowledge and practical skills in your chosen professional field.

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MYOB and XERO Courses

AOT is offering these MYOB and Xero courses in affiliation with The Career Academy.

These short courses are not vocational education and training (VET) accredited course as assessed by ASQA. They are, however, accredited by MYOB and Xero.

MYOB software training is integral to standing out in the job market.
  • Developed with MYOB & qualified accountants
  • Accredited by MYOB & ICOES
  • Free 6 months access to the latest version of MYOB
Learning Xero software is essential to starting or advancing an accounting career.
  • The Career Academy is a Xero Education Partner with Xero Learn.
  • Upon successful completion, receive Xero’s official advisor certification in addition to your course qualification

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Short Courses

A stepping stone to a full qualification, higher career prospects, contractor's licence or an opportunity to increase your skills and knowledge in a particular business area

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Course Stages

You may choose to enrol in a full qualification, or you may choose to complete your course in stages. These courses are divided into stages to ensure the study load and course price is easily manageable for all students.

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