Brendan, BSB50215 Diploma of Business and BSB50615 Diploma of Human Resources Management

Firstly, studying online takes a high level of self-motivation and determination. Do not go into it thinking you can copy and paste your way through. AOT provides a good level of ongoing support and their learning material certainly helps you to understand difficult concepts, however some more research may be required at times. The trainers are experienced and provide valuable assistance when things don’t make sense or when you need clarification on an assessment. The assessments are challenging and require you to draw upon the knowledge you have learned and they are marked very quickly. I undertook a double diploma in business and HR to build upon my existing skills and expand my employment horizons. I have enjoyed my study experience that I am now enrolled in university. Thanks AOT for helping build my confidence! I now know I’m capable of studying at a higher level and I know my future employment possibilities are much better than they were 12 months ago.