This unit describes the skills and knowledge required to develop strategies to manage organisational systems that ensure products and services are delivered and maintained to standards agreed by the organisation.

It applies to individuals who supervise the provision of quality customer service within an organisation’s procedures framework by others. At this level, individuals must exercise considerable discretion and judgement, using a range of problem solving and decision making strategies.


  1. Plan to meet internal and external customer requirements
  2. Ensure delivery of quality products and services
  3. Monitor, adjust and review customer service

Upon successful completion of this unit, you will:

  • develop and manage organisational systems for quality customer service
  • develop and review plans, policies and procedures for delivering and monitoring quality customer service
  • implement policies and procedures to ensure quality customer service
  • solve complex customer complaints and system problems that lead to poor customer service
  • monitor and assist teams to meet customer service requirements
  • develop, procure and use human and physical resources to support quality customer service delivery

Demonstrate knowledge of:

  • the legislative and regulatory context of the organisation relevant to customer service
  • organisational policy and procedures for customer service including handling customer complaints
  • iservice standards and best practice models
  • public relations and product promotion
  • techniques for dealing with customers including customers with specific needs
  • techniques for solving complaints including the principles and techniques involved in the management and organisation of:
    • customer behaviour
    • customer needs research
    • customer relations
    • ongoing product and/or service quality
    • problem identification and resolution
    • quality customer service delivery
    • record keeping and management methods
    • strategies for monitoring, managing and introducing ways to improve customer service relationships
    • strategies to obtain customer feedback

Nominal hours = 40 hours