Upon successful completion of this unit, you will:

      • organise and present financial data including budget variances, budgets and forecasts, cash flow/profit reports, balance sheets, financial year reports, operating statements, expenditure and receipts and profit and loss statements to highlight relevant features and meet workplace requirements
      • use conversion and consolidation procedures such as moving averages, standardised variables, trend analysis and unit costs
      • identify, resolve or refer discrepancies such as absence of auditable trail, expenditure report mismatches, incorrect payments and unreconciled cash flows
      • record income and expenditure to meet statutory requirements
      • calculate liabilities for tax including completing Business Activity Statements
      • provide financial business recommendations
      • apply knowledge of relevant legislation and regulations
      • perform double entry bookkeeping and accrual accounting

Demonstrate knowledge of:

    • the key provisions of legislation, regulation and codes of practice relevant to financial operations
    • the techniques used for forecasting and analysis
    • the options, methods and practices for deductions, benefits and depreciations