This unit describes the skills and knowledge required to digitally produce word documents in a workplace context.

It applies to individuals who perform a range of routine tasks in the workplace, using a limited range of practical skills and fundamental knowledge of word processing software/applications in a defined context, under direct supervision or with limited individual responsibility.


  1. Prepare to produce documents
  2. Produce documents digitally
  3. Finalise and present documents

Upon successful completion of this unit, you will:

  • produce documents following correct ergonomic, conservation requirements and organisational policies and procedures
  • adhere to organisational style manual when formatting documents
  • refer to help function and user documentation to rectify document problems
  • use system features
  • follow designated timelines when preparing documents.

Demonstrate knowledge of:

  • basic formatting styles and their effect on formatting, readability and appearance of documents
  • purpose, use and function of word processing software
  • organisational requirements for ergonomics, work periods and breaks, and conservation techniques
  • what is contained in an organisational style guide.

Nominal hours = 60 hours