This unit describes the skills and knowledge required to design and produce various business documents and publications. It includes selecting and using a range of functions on a variety of computer applications.

It applies to individuals who possess fundamental skills in computer operations and keyboarding. They may exercise discretion and judgement using appropriate theoretical knowledge of document design and production to provide technical advice and support to a team.


  1. Select and prepare resources
  2. Design document
  3. Produce document
  4. Finalise document

Upon successful completion of this unit, you will:

  • select appropriate technology and software for design and production of business documents
  • adhere to organisational requirements when:
    • selecting layout and style
    • opening and generating files
    • producing documents within designated timelines
    • naming and storing documents
    • printing and presenting documents
  • adhere to task requirements when producing documents including:
    • applying basic design principles
    • applying consistent formatting
    • using appropriate styles
    • using correct layouts
    • proofreading as required
  • use appropriate data storage options
  • apply knowledge of functions and features of contemporary computer applications
  • print and present completed documents

Demonstrate knowledge of:

  • appropriate technology for production requirements
  • functions and features of contemporary computer applications
  • organisational policies, plans and procedures
  • organisational requirements for document design e.g. style guide

Nominal hours = 80 hours