This unit describes the skills and knowledge required to design and produce desktop published documents.

It applies to individuals who work in a range of environments, which may include providing administrative support within an enterprise, or who may be technical or knowledge experts responsible for production of their own documents.


  1. Prepare to produce desktop published documents
  2. Set up desktop published document
  3. Create desktop published document
  4. Finalise desktop published document

Upon successful completion of this unit, you will:

  • follow organisational and safe work practices including:
    • ergonomic requirements
    • energy and resource conservation techniques
  • adhere to organisational requirements by:
    • ensuring consistency of style and image
    • logically sequencing data
    • producing documents within designated timelines
    • naming and storing documents
  • adhere to task requirements when producing documents including:
    • applying consistent formatting
    • using appropriate templates and master pages
    • using correct layouts
  • resolve any issues including:
    • formatting issues
    • errors and omissions
    • problems with design or production
    • use appropriate data storage options
    • apply knowledge of functions and features of contemporary computer applications
    • communicate with relevant personnel

Demonstrate knowledge of:

  • energy and resource conservation techniques
  • organisational requirements for ergonomics, work periods and breaks
  • the contents and purpose of organisational style guides
  • the purposes, uses and functions of desktop publishing software
  • various formatting styles and their effect on formatting, readability and appearance of documents

Nominal hours = 50 hours