This unit describes the skills and knowledge required to identify, evaluate and take advantage of marketing opportunities by analysing market data, distinguishing characteristics of possible markets and assessing viability of changes to operations.

It applies to individuals working in a supervisory or management marketing or advertising role within a marketing or advertising team or media organisation.


  1. Identify marketing opportunities
  2. Investigate marketing opportunities
  3. Evaluate required changes to current operations

Upon successful completion of this unit, you will:

  • identify and evaluate marketing opportunities to determine whether they can meet organisational objectives
  • document how current business operations need to be modified, and list resources required, to take advantage of newly identified and evaluated opportunities

Demonstrate knowledge of:

  • key provisions of relevant legislation, codes of practice and national standards affecting marketing operations
  • organisational marketing plan, structure, products and services
  • principles of marketing and marketing mix
  • statistical methods and techniques to evaluate marketing opportunities, including forecasting techniques

Nominal Hours: 70