This single unit course describes the skills and knowledge required to integrate and balance overall project management functions and to align and track project objectives to comply with organisational goals, strategies and objectives.

The unit applies to individuals responsible for managing and leading a project in an organisation, business, or as a consultant.


  • Establish project
  • Undertake project planning and design processes
  • Monitor project
  • Review project

Upon successful completion of this unit, you will:

  • implement and manage project integration on at least three occasions.

In the course of the above, the candidate must:

  • work closely with others to integrate all project management functions across a project life cycle according to organisational objectives
  • negotiate with internal and external stakeholders
  • create accurate project management documentation
  • make suggestions for improvements to managing project integration in the future
  • maintain established links to align project objectives with organisational objectives


Nominal hours = 60