Upon successful completion of this unit, you will:

  • develop strategies and procedures to successfully manage business operations, including:
    • developing an action plan
    • identifying risk management procedures
    • developing a quality system
    • implementing performance measures
    • utilising technologies to optimise business performance
  • implement and monitor strategies and procedures developed, including:
    • analysing and correcting business problems
    • reviewing and adjusting the business plan
  • record and research business improvements
  • make appropriate adjustments to business operations as required

Demonstrate knowledge of:

  • the relevant industry codes of practice
  • methods for implementing operation and revenue control systems
  • methods for monitoring performance and implementing improvements
  • work health and safety (WHS) responsibilities and procedures for managing hazards
  • relevant principles of risk management, including risk assessment
  • quality system principles and methods
  • relevant performance measures
  • role of innovation
  • systems to manage staff, stock, expenditure, services and customer service
  • technical or specialist skills relevant to business operations