This unit describes the, skills and knowledge required to understand and comply with work health and safety (WHS) Acts, regulations and codes of practice in the workplace.

This unit applies to individuals who contribute to actions to achieve compliance with WHS legislation as part of their WHS responsibilities, which are in addition to their main duties.


  1. Determine the legal framework for WHS in the workplace
  2. Contribute to activity that reflects WHS legislative requirements
  3. Keep up-to-date with legislation and relevant publications

Upon successful completion of this unit, you will:

  • identify and apply work health and safety (WHS) legislative requirements applicable to the workplace, occupation and industry, including keeping up to date with legislation and relevant publications
  • identify and act on non-compliances with WHS legislation
  • identify duty holders
  • communicate WHS information to others
  • refer issues of non-compliance to responsible persons or authorities and seek advice from appropriate sources

Demonstrate knowledge of:

  • the WHS legislative duties of self and others including limits on own expertise
  • the key organisational WHS policies, procedures, processes and systems
  • the key requirements in relevant commonwealth and state or territory WHS Acts, regulations, codes of practice, standards and guidance material, and other relevant publications
  • obligations and duties for consultation and who must be consulted
  • people who could be accessed for help
  • the consequences of non-compliance
  • ways to get information about compliance with legislation

Nominal Hours: 20