Upon successful completion of this unit, you will:

  • determining current work health and safety (WHS) legal requirements for the workplace
  • providing advice to parties and individuals about current WHS legal requirements for the workplace, including underpinning principles, legal duties, rights and obligations and WHS regulator functions and powers
  • assessing workplace compliance with WHS legislative requirements
  • determining the training needs of individuals and parties in relation to WHS requirements
  • developing and implementing workplace changes in order to achieve WHS legal compliance

Demonstrate knowledge of:

  • duties, rights and obligations of individuals and parties as specified in relevant WHS legislation, and specify the location of relevant information on WHS legislation
  • functions and powers of the relevant WHS regulator and how they are exercised
  • internal and external sources of WHS information, and how to access them
  • objectives and principles underpinning WHS legislation
  • method/s used for:
    • assessing WHS compliance
    • training needs in relation to WHS compliance
    • changes to achieve WHS compliance