This unit describes the skills and knowledge required to contribute to the implementation and maintenance of a Work Health and Safety management system (WHSMS) as it applies to own work area and job role.

It applies to individuals with responsibilities for contributing to an organisation’s WHSMS as part of their work health and safety (WHS) responsibilities in a range of industry and workplace contexts.


  1. Contribute to developing and promoting WHS policy
  2. Contribute to WHSMS planning
  3. Contribute to implementing the WHSMS plan
  4. Contribute to evaluating WHS performance
  5. Contribute to reviewing and improving the WHSMS

Upon successful completion of this unit, you will:

  • developing work health and safety (WHS) policy
  • planning the Work Health and Safety management system (WHSMS) to incorporate return-to-work and injury management procedures and other elements relevant to the work area
  • communicating and explaining WHS policy and the WHSMS to others to facilitate their contribution in developing, implementing and evaluating the systems
  • implementing the plan
  • evaluating WHS performance and communicating the outcomes
  • reviewing and improving the WHSMS

Demonstrate knowledge of:

  • elements of the organisation’s WHSMS with reference to the relevant commonwealth and state or territory WHS Acts, regulations, codes of practice and standards
  • regulatory authority WHSMS tools, standards and guidance material and explain how they apply to the work area
  • importance of effective return-to-work and injury management in a WHSMS
  • limitations of a WHSMS, problems with WHSMS implementation and possible negative effects on WHS
  • organisational WHS policies, procedures, processes and systems and how they apply to the work area

Nominal Hours: 50