This unit describes the skills and knowledge required to assist with actions and activities performed in response to work health and safety (WHS) incidents which includes accidents.

It applies to individuals who work under supervision and use some discretion and judgement to respond to incidents within their level of responsibility.

The unit applies to people who work in a broad range of WHS roles across all industries.


  1. Assist with identifying legislative and other requirements
  2. Assist with implementing initial incident response procedures
  3. Assist with collecting WHS information and data relevant to an investigation
  4. Assist incident investigations
  5. Assist in implementing recommended measures and actions arising from investigations

Upon successful completion of this unit, you will:

  • identifying Work Health and Safety (WHS) legislative and organisational requirements and duty holders in relation to responding to WHS incidents
  • communicating relevant WHS requirements clearly and accurately to individuals and parties
  • providing first aid according to workplace procedures and processes
  • reporting, notifying and documenting incidents, and meeting legislative requirements
  • obtaining information about incidents using appropriate data collection techniques
  • investigating incidents and communicating and implementing recommendations from investigations

Demonstrate knowledge of:

  • hierarchy of control and considerations for choosing between different risk controls including possible inadequacies of particular risk controls
  • internal and external sources of WHS information and data, and how to access
  • organisation’s WHS policies, procedures, processes and systems relevant to own job role or work area that relate to WHS incidents and accidents including initial response and first aid, investigations and reporting
  • role of duty holders in responding to incidents

Nominal Hours: 40