This unit describes the skills and knowledge required to effectively lead and facilitate a team in a workplace within any industry.

This unit has a specific focus on the teamwork skills required for team leader or supervisor level (depending on organisational structure) workers with responsibility for others or teams.


  1. Plan team outcomes
  2. Coordinate team and individuals
  3. Support team
  4. Monitor team performance

Upon successful completion of this unit, you will:

  • demonstrate the ability to complete the tasks outlined in the elements, performance criteria, and foundation skills of this unit, including on at least one occasion, evidence of the ability to:
    • assign tasks to team members with appropriate instruction and considering any required contingencies
    • provide feedback and assistance to team members
    • collate feedback on individual and team performance
    • identify and implement development opportunities for others
    • manage conflicts and challenges according to organisational requirements

Nominal hours = 50