Benefits of Online Learning

AOT is committed to providing an exceptional online learning experience to all those who are keen to build their skills, improve their career prospects and advance their career. By choosing to study with AOT, you not only learn the skills you need, but experience the advantages that our courses and online learning platform provides.

Interactive learning content and printable textbook

Unlike other providers that give you just a document online, our content is interactive, visual and interesting. You can click through and explore the content on a computer, laptop or mobile device. In addition, we provide a PDF copy of this content as a textbook that you can print and keep even after you have completed your course.

No time off work

With AOT's online courses, you can study at any time of the day or night without the need to take time off work, travel and make campus visits to attend classes. That's an advantage the classroom educational system cannot beat. If you take care of your home and children or have a full-time job, you are free to work normal hours and take AOT's online courses once you're off the clock during evenings and weekends.

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Save time and money

Traditional classes require your full attention daily. Factor in the travel time, commuting costs, and other funds associated with campus learning. AOT's online courses remove these additional costs by offering an online learning option that saves you time and money.

Study at your own pace

Self-paced learning means that you can start completing your course units at any time. We will provide a customised individual training plan to guide you, but there is no minimum timeframe to complete your course. This self-paced system enables you to progress with a rhythm that suits you.

You are able to work at your own pace and should continue on only after you thoroughly grasp the course work. When there is a difficult concept, you can review and work on it until you have a clear understanding before moving on to the next segment. With AOT’s online courses, you can go as fast or as slow as you need to get the complete picture.

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No additional cost or charges

All materials are provided. No additional fees and no course material costs.

24/7 access to course content

Your course material and assessments are available to you 24/7. All assessments are conducted online inside your course. Whenever you feel you are refreshed and ready to learn, you can log on to your course and learn the material. You can study at your leisure and put forth the effort when you are ready and motivated.


Study while enjoying a gap year

For those who do not want to go straight to university but still want to continue their education, AOT’s online courses offer the ideal solution. Not only can you be free to work and earn money while learning, but you can learn valuable skills that may help you to decide on a career path that’s right for you or to determine future course selection.

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Personal training and support

At AOT, learners have an open line of communication with trainers, assessors and our learner support team via live chat support 5 days per week and one on one mentoring sessions. It is this hands-on approach that lets you know that you are never alone in your journey for knowledge.

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Environmentally friendly

No need to drive to classes which reduces fuel consumption, pollution and emissions. Online classrooms reduced the energy for power needed for regular classrooms. No printed textbooks or exam papers saves on paper usage and reduces waste from printer ink cartridges.

Knowledge retention

The added advantage to online study is knowledge retention. When you can select a study time that is right for you, when you are at your best, you are more likely to retain what you’ve learned. Not only that, you have the ability to review and re-read your course work until you have a firm grasp of the concepts. When trying to work and continue your education, this can be especially beneficial.

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Learn real-life skills to apply in the workplace

Our online courses are designed with a focus on developing real-world skills that you can actually apply in the workplace. The goal isn’t simply to award you a Certificate or Statement of Attainment but to support you to achieve competency and learn the right skills for current industry settings. We have dedicated trainers and assessors who take pride in helping our learners and assisting you to be more job ready and confident in your career journey.

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Get the qualifications you need

If you know you have the skills but do not have the qualifications to back it up, you can enrol in any of our online courses and apply to have your skills and knowledge recognised as part of the recognition of prior learning pathway. This allows you to future proof your career by having qualifications, which match your skills and knowledge, to show employers.

Re-enter the workforce with the skills you need

Our online courses are perfect for anyone who wants to re-enter the workforce, retrain, or has been retrenched. If you are required to update your knowledge and skills or need a refresher course as part of WorkCover, our qualifications may lead you to your desired career path.

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Continuing education

Everyone is a learner, regardless of age, and if you feel your education needs to be updated, expanded or simply completed, our online courses are available to you.

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