Here at AOT, we have a dedicated eLearning and LMS development team. We specialise in providing dynamic online training courses through our learning management system (LMS) which we own and operate. We use a cloud-based system called the sauceLMS to deliver and manage our courses as well as conduct and record assessments. AOT is part of a group of companies that offer a turnkey solution to all training and assessment requirements.

Our learners are provided with personal user logins to the sauceLMS so they can access their course content to study. The sauceLMS is a complete and secure learning management system that employs a simple and intuitive user interface. It is easy to navigate, user-friendly and purpose built to make online learning convenient and manageable.

The sauceLMS features a live dashboard to help you track your progress, review your recent activity and view announcements and updates about your course. Learners also receive notifications when assessments are marked and when units are completed. You can even see your course progress visually represented in a graph that updates as progress is made.

There is also a Help & Support section that can be referred to at any time for more information and helpful hints. For immediate support, learners can simply contact a trainer using Live Chat from inside the sauceLMS or through the contact form.

Here at AOT, we are committed to delivering exceptional learning experiences for all our learners using the latest and most effective concepts, practices and technology.